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Annotated bibliography for my talk at Personal Digital Archiving 2015

I am super excited to speak at Personal Digital Archiving this week in New York. My lightning talk is titled “Large-scale archiving and the right to be forgotten,” but as I dove into the literature, and wrote and re-wrote it many times, I realized what I’m really interested in is a larger discussion on archival ethics, online privacy, and the future of individual control over how data is used by corporations and the state (and also, those who claim to use it in the public interest, i.e. journalists, academic researchers, and cultural heritage professionals). To be specific, when we’re thinking about large-scale web archiving projects which may involve collecting personal online content for which we do not have a donor agreement, we need to think about privacy a whole lot more.

To be honest, a 5 minute talk is probably not the best format, but it’s somewhere to start. The talk will go up shortly after the conference, but in the meantime I wanted to make an annotated bibliography available. I haven’t read all of the resources listed in their entirety, but they’re important, and the structure of the bibliography reflects some of the things I’m bringing up in my talk.

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